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Lock a tabbed workspace to a specific view

MLO 4.0 has implemented a tabbed view and includes a command to set a particular view as _default_ for a tab. Once the default is set, the user can quickly and easily reset the workspace back to the default view. The release did _not_ implement view locking, which would allow the user to say that this workspace should never change its view, and ask MLO to prevent it from changing.

Why do we need a lock if we already have the default? Even if you want a tab to remain unchanged, it is very easy to change it by mistake and it can be difficult to notice the change and understand what happened. While the tab has a changed view you are liable to make several types of mistakes, like updating the wrong project, getting a mistaken impression of the status of your tasks, or starting a cascade of system-created AllTasks tabs because your existing AllTasks tab got changed. If the default provides you all of the functionality that you need, and you are organized and alert enough that you don’t make this kind of mistakes, then you don’t need locks. The users who have voted for this proposal feel that locks would be an important improvement to MLO.

Specific recommendation:
1. Provide a checkbox somewhere such as the context menu for a tab or the "setup workspace" popup labeled "lock tab to current view". The line is grayed out if default view is not yet defined.

2. While the "lock" checkbox is set, if the user attempts modify the view, briefly display (and automatically dismiss) an error message like "Workspace is locked. Opening view in new workspace." Leaving the locked tab unchanged, open a new tab and show the requested view there. Examples of changes that would cause this action would include zooming in or out, changing the view's filter settings, or loading a different view.

3. While the "lock" checkbox is set, the ability to delete a workspace by clicking the [x] in the tab is inhibited.

In order to assist in the development of this change, appropriate help text has already been provided to the developers.

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  • MG commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    That´s what I was looking for.
    Very usefull.

    How can this be implemented in Android?

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